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Representative Chris Millis announces re-election campaign for NC House

I take serious the responsibility that the citizens of the 16th District have entrusted me with, to serve them in the North Carolina House of Representatives. Since my first election to public office, I can state with confidence that I have remained true to the principles held by our nation’s founders, which emphasize individual freedom and a limited government. I am ready to continue this commitment.

Entering into my first term as the representative of the 16th District, North Carolina had the 44th-most oppressive business tax burden, according to the Tax Foundation. Our state took tax money at the gas pump and spent it outside of transportation infrastructure; maintained a broken Medicaid system with repeated cost overruns; imposed a burdensome invisible tax through unnecessary regulations; held one of the highest unemployment insurance debts in the nation; and provided little protection from the harms of illegal immigration.

After three years in the state legislature, my colleagues and I have fought to reverse these trends, and have succeeded.

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About Chris Millis

Millis_Family-web2I am fortunate to have grown up in the District that I now have the honor to represent. After receiving both primary and secondary education in the Pender County school system (K-12th Grade), I attended North Carolina State University, where I had the privilege of graduating as Valedictorian with a degree in Civil Engineering.

Since graduation and working in the Civil Engineering field, I have seen first-hand the unnecessary regulations that choke the economy, as well as the growth of centralized government, and the erosion of our private property rights and individual freedoms. This spurred me at an early age to seek the truth about our country’s founding principles, which led to my passionate stance that government should be limited to its proper role, and respect our individual liberties.

After my wife Tonya and I began a family (blessed with our son Luke, and daughters Alexa and Olivia), we realized that unless we got involved in helping turn around the direction of our state and nation, that our children would not have the same opportunities that we have had. This perspective has driven me to provide the much needed representation and leadership in Raleigh for the people of the 16th House District, so that all citizens of Pender and Onslow Counties would have a greater opportunity to prosper.

Now in the middle of my second term as your NC House representative, I can state with confidence that I remained true to the principles that I promised you I would honor, and I stand ready to continue to fight in Raleigh on your behalf. I humbly ask for your support.