Chris Millis is a Professional Civil Engineer, but more importantly, he confesses Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior, he is a devoted husband to his wife Tonya, a devoted father to his son Luke, and a warrior of the conservative cause.  Chris is a graduate of the Pender County school system (K-12th Grade).  He attended North Carolina State University where he graduated as Valedictorian with an Undergraduate Degree in Civil Engineering.

Since graduating college, Chris has worked in the Civil Engineering field designing and permitting development projects within North Carolina and surrounding states.  Over the years, Chris’ profession has given him first hand insight of the unnecessary regulation choking the economy and the growth of centralized government.  This insight has led Chris to seek the truth of our Country’s founding principles and led to his passionate stance on limited government and freedom of the individual.

Chris understands the need for strong conservative leadership in this State, but is grounded in the fact that his strength comes from God alone and only a higher power can truly put this State and Country back on the right course.  With the heart of a servant and the passion of a patriot, Chris desires to represent the citizens of the 16th District in the North Carolina State House.  Biblically based morals and character will guide Chris Millis in setting an example of civic leadership to the highest degree.